Time Doesn't Wait To Hustle

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Married To The MOB: First Mens Collection

A dope collection is just a collection branding off their females line Married To The Mob has produce a ill ass mens collection known for their strong fonts, slogans, large and leopard prints their first collection for men is a classic you can cop the new line at http://www.mttmnyc.com

Free Album Gorillaz: The Fall

If your a fan just like I am the Gorillaz came out with a extremely dope new album and did I add that it was free for all you hackers and boosters no need to use bittorrent, limewire, or any of the downloadable bullshit check it out at thefall.gorillaz.com/

Curren$y "Hold On" featuring Young Roddy and Trademar

on Vimeo.

Jet Life...Jet Life...Jet Life...here is another dope video by the kid Curren$y da Hot Spitta. If you haven't been on them jets you need to enter the smokers movement...LEGALIZE IT

Corey Davis Was Here: Stalley Album Artwork

from on Vimeo.

This young kid def has some talents with the arts and I am huge fan s/o to Corey Davis checkout more from him at his website www.iamcoreydavis.com and www.creativecontrol.tv

That Boy Real: Kendrick Lamar

Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar X Curt@!ns from n8bombay on Vimeo.

I been putting everybody on this young man Kendrick Lamar for a year and some change now since i heard his "A Little Appalled freestyle" and mite i add he is destined to be the next Pac and that's very hard for me to say...the boy is something serious.

Devil In A New Dress (Kanye West unofficial video)

DEVIL from yonie.ethiopian.love on Vimeo.

This is def some great ass visuals....s/o to Yonie you def put together a masterpiece and mite i add the lady in the video is bad...."may the lord forgive us" Yeezy